UAG Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

Remember the time when you had no problems with a bulky casing (think of the likes of Griffin cases) to provide all-round protection to your phones, because your phone was so small for it to be of a concern? However, as phones have grown in size over the past few years, it may now be a little problematic if you wanted to use a similar casing – your big phone will become even bulkier. Will there even be space for it in your pockets? This is why I believe that as phones grow bigger, manufacturers will have to look at striking a balance between protection and portability. Here, we review the UAG Case for the iPhone 6 Plus, which I believe has indeed struck this balance I have been talking about. 



It took 9 days for the case to arrive, which is an okay timing. Not fast but not slow either for an international shipment.



The case which we received was the Outland case, which is orange. Now, one thing which confused me was the name of the cases. The different names seemed to imply that they had different designs/functionalities but the only thing which varies between the cases was the colour. The case comes in various other names/colors as well (blue, clear, white, black and pink). They also boast Folio cases which allow you to store your credit cards for easy access.

As with all other UAG cases, the iPhone 6 Plus Outland Case comes with the classic retro design which is reminiscent of a space-age device. With its (fake) screws and indents and the shiny UAG logo in steel, the UAG case is definitely one of the more unique cases that stands out from the crowd.

The case is stiff, as expected.

The case also fits snugly onto the phone. In fact, it can get a little difficult to remove the case, so make sure you clean your phone thoroughly before putting on that case. In a way, the snug fit also prevents dust accumulation along the sides of your phone so that’s a plus as well.


The mini bumpers on the back of the case help increase grip, preventing slippage of your phone. It also helps prevent the plastic backing from being scratched as well, so you can have that pristine case for a longer time.

However, UAG makes the inexplicable decision to include two holes in the middle of the case. From what I understand, it is supposed to be a holder for fingers when I grip the phone in landscape. I don’t see any use for these holes and it seems that they only serve to collect dust. In fact, one of these holes is right above the stainless steel Apple logo, opening it up to fingerprint marks and even scratches. The other hole reveals part of the ‘iPhone’ label. Even though this is not something particularly visible at first sight, it is still a minute detail which compromises the aesthetics of the phone. I think this is really where the UAG case really fell off and this may be a dealbreaker for some of you.


UAG included a screen protector with the case, which is a nice gesture.

With a case that costs USD 40, you would expect it to give your phone some protection. And this is where UAG impresses. UAG conducted a drop test from the stratosphere and it claims that the iPhone was still working after the fall. In fact, its cases are military grade certified. All of this achieved with a case so thin? Unbelievable. I’ve dropped my phone a few times after getting this case, and all I can say is that my phone is still alive and well.

One tradeoff which came with having such a thin form factor was that the phone is not protected against dust, a problem faced by majority of cases.



The UAG case may have some design flaws but its protection capabilities are top notch. If you are okay with cleaning the dust getting into your phone once in a while as a tradeoff for the thin form factor by UAG, this is probably the case for you. This case offers remarkable shock protection for its size. But would I buy a case from UAG in the future? Nope, unless they fix the two holes at the back of the phone.

Check out UAG’s full product list here if you’re interested in investing in solid protection for your phone. They even have some tablet cases on offer.

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