Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones now available for certain devices, here’s how to get it

The long wait is over. In the wee hours of the morning, Microsoft has launched Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones.

I personally have been waiting to load up the new build on my Lumia 925 ever since Microsoft announced the preview programme at its January 21 event. For those 23 days I have been going to sleep dreaming of waking up to Windows 10. So you could imagine my disappointment when I found out that the Lumia 925 was unsupported. Worst still, while I was grappling over the prospect of replacing my 925 with either the Ativ S or the Lumia 635, I finally ordered for myself an Ativ S.

Well, I should’ve ordered the 635 instead. Because that, along with the Lumia 830, are the only devices which are supported here in Singapore. What a bummer. I’ve contacted Nokia to see if I can get a 635 or 830 to load Windows 10 on, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Of course, future releases will include other Lumia devices, but for now, if you own a 635 or 830, you’re in luck. Follow these steps below to try out Windows 10 on your phone! Don’t worry, reverting back is easy as Microsoft has provided a software recovery tool should you wish to go back to WP 8.1.

  1. Grab the Windows Insider app on your phone from the store
  2. Join in the Windows Insider programme
  3. Open the app and login with your Microsoft Account
  4. Choose Insider Slow or Fast, depending on how risky you want to be and how quickly you want updates
  5. Confirm your acceptance of the Insider program, including the fact you may void your device’s warranty
  6. Hit the check mark
  7. Go to Settings –> phone update
  8. Check for Updates

Windows 10 provides a whole list of new features, mostly to do with an overhauled design and universal apps for pretty much everything. We’ll be posting more about Windows 10, so stay tuned!

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