Jabra Step Wireless Review

The Jabra Step Wireless is a pair of earphones priced at S$108. It’s positioned as an entry level pair of Bluetooth earphones, and comes in only one colour, black. It’s a half decent pair; the decent aspect comes from its sound quality, and the not decent aspects comes from its connectivity issues and bad design.

It has a squarish and boxy design which does not look bad, but in practice is quite unwieldy.

Jabra_Step_Wireless_image-viewer_1440x810_04The earphones come with Earhooks, which are basically those flexible things you put over the ears when wearing them. I personally am not a fan of those, but these are particularly difficult to put on. When I have put them on, they always dislodge from my ears. Perhaps it is due to something about my ear shape, perhaps it is not. But this was easily fixed, and the Earhooks can be taken out.

Once taken out, it’s not so bad, but due to the squarish design, the earphones just don’t quite fit very nicely. They threaten to fall out, but they do not actually fall out. Still, the feeling that it might, causes me to feel less secure about it.

Other than that, the biggest issue was how difficult it was to connect them. The button to press is quite difficult to press, and the light to display pairing mode is very dim and hidden, and whenever I try to pair it, I invariably have some issues with getting it paired. When I do get it paired, the issue is not resolved. I’m the kind of person who will listen to music on his computer while at home, but need to listen to music on my phone when I’m out. Unfortunately for me, this pair does not seem to work very well with switching devices, and after a day out, when I return to my computer, I have to undergo the tedium of “forgetting” the earphones from my computer, then re-pairing it.

When just using it with one device though, there are fewer problems, as just turning it on will instantly let it connect.


But when everything is paired, the sound quality is good. It does not sound tinny, and the bass is decent. The sound quality is quite impressive given its price, but it’s not better than the Jabra Move Wireless.  I think it’s also particularly impressive given that it is a pair of Bluetooth earphones, and really, most Bluetooth earphones at this price sound really bad.

The battery is decent, lasting around 3 to 4 hours, which is around their advertised battery life of 4 hours. This is quite good, unless you happen to listen to more than 4 hours of music per day. After all, you only really need to have it last you a day, and for a pair of earphones this light, 4 hours is great.

These earphones are really not for everyone. Not terribly comfortable and not very easy to pair, it can be a bit of an annoyance. But for the sound quality, you do get what you pay for, and if you are willing to put up with its quirks, especially if you only use 1 device with your earphones, you do get a pretty good pair of earphones.

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