Jabra Move Wireless Review: Great Sound At A Great Price

The Jabra Move Wireless is a pair of on-ear headphones made by Jabra and retailing for S$148 in Singapore. And, like many other headphones that Jabra makes, they’re Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology has improved by leaps and bounds since years past, and the Move is just another example of that. At S$148, they’re positioned as a decently-priced entry level set of Bluetooth headphones, and I can’t say they disappoint.


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The Jabra Move Wireless is a good-sounding pair of Bluetooth headphones, which also allows for wired listening through a detachable 3.5mm cable. It has a good design and great battery life, and has all around great value. Let’s dive into the specifics, shall we?

Design & Build Quality

The design is classy and not too flashy save for the red set. The branding is subtle and neat, with the Jabra logo printed on the black, metal part of the headband.

The headset comes in three different colours: Coal (black), Cobalt (blue) and Cayenne (red). I personally hate flashy colours like red, and prefer muted tones, so naturally my review set was none other than red. I have to remember to request for a specific colour next time.Jabra_Move_wireless_cayenne_03

The red is bright and vibrant; you can see it for yourself in the picture above. It’s on the headband and the earcups, and the wire too, which I think is a nice touch.  The Black one (pictured below) is a little too boring for my tastes. It’s just black. Still preferable to the red one, but not what I’d pick.


The Cobalt version (pictured below) looks a lot nicer in my opinion, with some vibrancy yet without drawing so much attention to yourself, but I have not seen a real set of it so I can’t guarantee that it will look the same in real life. The purplish colour of it is something I personally am drawn to; purple and black is a good combination.

Also, the colour on the earcups is matte, which is great. I cannot stand glossy plastic.



The cushions are comfortable and soft, and feel good for extended periods of time. One issue I have with it is that when wearing spectacles, it can hurt after a while (like 2 hours), by virtue of the fact that it is an on-ear design. It’s not something that can be alleviated by softer cushions, but it is a necessary concern if you are going to be listening to it for hours on end.

The headband is covered in some fabric material which feels good and does not feel hot on the head.

It weighs 150 grams, and honestly I do not feel the weight, because it’s lightweight enough for headphones.

Jabra states on its site that the Move is “built with premium materials including stainless steel arms and dirt-resistant fabric” and “tested to withstand abuse: drop tested (from 1 m) and flexibility tested (10,000 times)”. I cannot verify the veracity of such claims, but it does feel well-constructed and sturdy.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is good. The sound isolation is good enough to block out most unwanted sounds, leaving me able to listen to my music in peace.

It works well with a wide variety of music. For classical music like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, the sound is clear and crisp. I have no complaints about it, it sounds great.

For tracks with tons of bass, I tested it with Boom Boom Pow, and it sounds good. At higher volumes, there is no distortion, and the bass is very strong in it, without being overpowering. Everything sounds clear, and the instruments are very distinct.

I don’t listen to heavy metal or hard rock and will never be able to review them objectively, but I do listen to some soft rock songs. I tried with Linkin Park’s Final Masquerade, and I have very few complaints. The only problem is that when a lot of instruments play at the same time, it tends to get… messy. The sound would feel a bit mashed together, and the clean distinctness would not be there anymore. It’s not something that’s very easy to nail, in my opinion, especially with Bluetooth headphones, because there is just so much going on in those parts, but for a Bluetooth pair, it is actually quite good.


For electronic music, I used Owl City, but not their (his?) crap new songs like Good Time. Seriously, what is going on with them? The old, whimsical, magical tracks redolent of fairytales were the best tracks. Seriously, I bought everything until they started sucking (read: when The Midsummer Station was released). On Fireflies, the song that everyone thinks of when I mention Owl city, the synth beats are decent, but not the best I’ve heard, but when I change the equaliser setting for it to Electronic on iTunes, it sounds a hell lot better. The Move manages to capture the magic of Vanilla Twilight, bringing it a clarity that reminds me of the first time I listened to it. On more contemplative tracks like Paper Tigers, the soft, background electronic beats are able to be heard, but they are not too loud that it ruins the effect, and such is the clarity that I can hear all the instruments coming together to create the unified sound.

On acoustic tracks like Pia Toscano’s This Time, the drum beats are very deep and really complement the singing. The guitar in songs like Kiss It Better by He Is We is very clear and the Move hits the highs well while letting the singing really come out.

I even tried it with Justin Bieber’s smash hit Baby, and it actually sounded decent. Just kidding, nothing can make the Beaver sound good. Nothing.

An all-round performer, I have to say that I am very, very impressed. I don’t think it will work too nicely with songs that are considered hard rock though, and you probably would have to get a more expensive pair of wired headphones to actually get clear sound for rock songs. In all other genres, I cannot complain. And do try the equaliser, it can help.

Battery Life

Battery life is rated at 8 hours. I have no reason to doubt this, and it lasts a long enough time between charges that I do not find myself worrying about the battery life much. The standby time is 288 hours. That’s 12 days, so even if they are vastly, vastly wrong and it’s 6 days, you’ll be fine. And I’m not going to test standby time because that’s literally going to take too long.

Your results will vary based on how loudly you play your music, though, but generally battery life is good.

If you do run out of battery, you can always use the detachable cable to listen to your music, which I find a really neat feature. But more on that in the next section.

Special Features

This is the section where I cover miscellaneous things that are unique to the headset. For the Move, it is the detachable cable.


The cable has a 3.5 mm jack on either side, and connects to a port on the left earcup of the Move, allowing you to listen to your music wired for whatever reason.

This means that you can listen to it on flights where usually Bluetooth accessories are disallowed, and when your battery runs out. It’s thin and light, and the microphonics are not distracting, which is great.

One problem is that it’s something additional that I have to carry if I intend to use it. I don’t want to have to carry around these wires. I want them to come with the headset, perhaps by having it be automatically wound inside a earcup, easy to retract and store. It would really complete the package.


Impressive even without considering its price, the Moves are hard to beat. Comfortable and with great sound, great design, and great value, it can be hard to recommend any other Bluetooth headset within this price range. If you’re in the market for Bluetooth headphones and have a budget of S$150, get this. You can pick it up at a RRP (Recommended Retailing Price) at S$148 at Apple premium resellers, Challenger, Harvey Norman stores, GoWireless and other Jabra authorised resellers. In fact, for a limited period only, there is a special Singapore promotion bundle for Jabra Move Wireless available at http://www.gowireless.com.sg/. So what do you think guys? Are you considering getting it? Or are you still doubtful of Bluetooth audio technology? Regardless, tell us in the comments below.

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