Singtel Easy Mobile Review

I got to test out Singtel’s Easy Mobile L plan for 3 months. If you don’t already know what Easy Mobile is, you can read this post to get up to speed. Just recently I wrote about my experience with Easy Mobile, and this is my full review.

The Good

There are two main features of Easy Mobile which make it great: value, and that it is customisable and flexible.


The prime appeal of the Easy Mobile plan is its value. Because a user is allocated a number of units for a price, which he can then put towards customising his plan, he is able to get more of what he values highly, and less of what he does not. The overall effect is an increase in value for the user, as he pays more for what he wants and less for what he doesn’t.

More than that, for around the same prices, you get more than what you’d get on the plans of old.

Previously, you’d pay, for example, around 40 bucks per month, and get 100 min outgoing calls, 500 SMSes, and 2GB of data, which is today’s equivalent of 7 units. Now, for 45 bucks per month, you get 10 units, which can give you 100 min outgoing calls, 500 SMSes, and 3.5GB of data. So that gives you roughly 3 more units for about 5 bucks more, which translates to 1.5 GB data, 1500 SMSes, or 150 min outgoing calls. If you do the math, you get more units per dollar now, if I were to use the same metric of units to compare the previous and current plans.

And, because you can decide that you don’t need, for example, 100 min of outgoing calls, you can take that unit and put it to what you do need, such as data.

So we have more value in terms of getting more bang for buck (more units per dollar), and you can customise it, so it gives you even greater value.

Customisable and Flexible

Life changes can come with a number of caveats, one being that your device usage habits might change a lot. Singtel Easy Mobile insures you against such long term hassles, and allows you to change your plan to your liking at the start of each of your billing months.

Let’s say you decide that you don’t need that much data anymore. Perhaps your new job has great WiFi, you’re not even using data half the day, and you need to make a lot of calls and SMSes now because of your job scope. Fear not, because Easy Mobile has got you covered. You can allocate less units to data and more to calls and SMSes, to fit your changing lifestyle. In this sense, Easy Mobile is flexible and can allow you to change it to suit your needs.

The Bad

Of course, as with anything, there are limitations. For all the improved customisability and flexibility Easy Mobile offers, it still does not allow you to change your plan on the fly, and the Small plan is virtually uncustomisable, offers little choice in the way of unit combinations, and is ultimately not worth it.

Cannot Spontaneously Change Your Plan

Assume that, in the middle of the month, you need more data and you’ve allocated too much to outgoing calls. Ideally, you would be able to simply reallocate the units as you desire, so you don’t get stuck without data (or stuck with a 10 dollar addition to your bill for another gigabyte) for the rest of the month.

Sadly, this is not the case. While no other mobile phone plan that I know of allows you to spontaneously change your plan, it would have been great if Easy Mobile allowed one to do so. Unfortunately, you can only change your plan at the start of each billing month, and it applies to the whole month.

Of course, I do think it would be illogical on Singtel’s part if they were to implement such a feature. It would reduce the revenue they get from people running out of data, calls or SMSes, and having to pay extra for such services.

That said, perhaps if Singtel were to charge a tariff for changing mid-month, it could be viable, but I don’t know. I just know that it’d be nice to have such a feature.

The Small Plan Is Not Worth It

This is easily the biggest drawback of Easy Mobile. The Small plan has only four units, three of which must be used to fulfill the minimum of one unit per category (SMS, Calls and Data). This leaves just one unit for you to place in any category, which is quite little. I guess some people might not need that much of any of those, so this would work for those people, but 33 dollars per month for 4 units when 12 dollars more would net you another 6 units, is really a steep price to pay.

A better price might have been about 25 dollars, because if it were around there, it would fulfill the need for a cheap phone plan that some people who don’t use their phones much, would need, such as your grandmother.

Wrap Up

Singtel Easy Mobile is a new kind of mobile plan. It is miles better than previous types of phone plans, because of its customisability, flexibility and value. There are some issues with it that could be addressed, but that is a comparison between what it is and what it could be, as opposed to a comparison between other phone plans and Easy Mobile. And in the latter, Easy Mobile is certainly king.

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