My Experience with Easy Mobile

By now, most of you should know what Singtel’s Easy Mobile postpaid plan is. If you don’t, you can read this post to get an idea of what it promises to offer. I got to pilot test the Easy Mobile L plan; read on to find out more about my experience with it.

The Easy Mobile L plan offers me 16 units. For $65 per month, you can get up to 7000 SMSes, 700 minutes of outgoing calls, or 7 gigabytes of data. Each unit grants you 500 SMSes, 50 minutes of outgoing calls or 0.5 gigabytes of data, and you have to use at least one unit in each category (meaning SMS, calls and data).

My preferred plan on a usual month is to assign 1 unit to outgoing calls, 1 unit to SMSes, and put all 14 other units into data. I hardly call people, and who does? And with WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, who needs SMSes? So I’ve got a good 7 gigabytes of 4G data. I’m using it now to connect my computer to the Internet as I type this review on it on the bus home, even though I could very well do it offline, because really, with 7 gigabytes of data, you’ll almost never run out. It’s far better than the measly 3 gigabytes offered in the normal Singtel contract of a similar price (a little more or less than $60).

I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever need to tweak my units again. I don’t see myself ever needing to message a lot because you can get a decent 3G or even 4G signal almost anywhere in Singapore, and I certainly don’t see myself needing to call anyone enough to justify a second unit, so for now, I’m sticking to this configuration, and I like it.

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