[Commentary] Mozilla ends partnership with Google

Mozilla Corporation recently announced their terminated relationship with Google. In the newer version of their Firefox, Google will no longer be the default search engine, in favour of Yahoo! (which is powered by Bing’s search algorithms) in most countries, Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia.

But is this a wise choice?

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Jabra Step Wireless Review

The Jabra Step Wireless is a pair of earphones priced at S$108. It’s positioned as an entry level pair of Bluetooth earphones, and comes in only one colour, black. It’s a half decent pair; the decent aspect comes from its sound quality, and the not decent aspects comes from its connectivity issues and bad design.

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Sony offering PlayStation 4 Season’s Greeting Pack for $649 on 5 December

Just in time for the holiday season, Sony is offering the PS4 Season’s Greeting Pack for $649 at all Sony Stores and Authorised Dealers. What’s included inside the package? Head past the break to find out more.

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Nokia Lumia 535 available in Singapore on 5 December for just $199

Well Microsoft’s first Windows Phone is here. The Lumia 535 isn’t flagship material, but for $199 it’s a real bang for your buck, even including a 5MP front facing camera, flash on the back, and a whole bunch of sensors, all of which the Lumia 630/635 didn’t have. The old favourite colour, cyan, also makes a comeback on this device. Check out the press release and full specs below.

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HTC Butterfly 2 Review: Another Flagship?


It was 2 years ago that HTC released the original HTC Butterfly, albeit without much fanfare. This was a bit absurd, because it was a more capable phone than their international flagship of that year, the One X, in many regards. It touted twice the RAM, a full HD screen (the first for a mobile device), and a slightly larger battery. It seems that good things come to those who wait. But now it almost seems as if HTC just got a new casing for the E8 and jacked up the price. Let’s see whether this device has anything really different to offer.

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