App Highlight: BlastOut

BlastOut is a free app that’s actually pretty cool and innovative. It’s a social media app developed by Singaporeans Daniel Chia and Cynthia Siantar, and it promises to empower users to create their very own exclusive social network for their private events. Read on to find out more.


BlastOut aims to be a complement for real life interaction, to aid it and enhance it.

Basically, the main feature of BlastOut is to allow for individuals to create their social network for an event, and only those who are physically present at the event location, would be able to access the network. It’s also a temporary social network, so the data will be erased after 7 days, along with everyone’s chats and profiles.unnamed-4

There’d also be push notifications to notify the user of stuff being uploaded on BlastOut, other content they can check out, or promotions.

Event attendees can upload photos to event albums, and there can be other interactive content preloaded such as stock games, chats, polls, PowerPoint slides which allow for event attendees to leave questions on so that the presenter can address them, namecards which allow for namecard swapping), game surveys, event posters, and more. The media uploaded can be downloaded by an individual too, and BlastOut can even be used to facilitate Amazing Race-style games, or host selfie competitions.

Potential Uses for Organisations, Businesses and Individuals

Businesses can use this to host social or networking events, promotional events, competitions, fan meetings, giveaways, meetings, or to showcase information about their business, such as how Cathay Cineplexes allowed people around the mall to view cinema timings from BlastOut.unnamed-3

Schools may want to use this for graduation nights, such as SMU’s Graduation Night 2014, which used BlastOut for their best-dressed competition, and all photos taken there were automatically shown on a large screen.

It could actually boost sales for businesses and heighten awareness of their brand. For example, The Butter Factory, a nightclub, had a BlackWhite Angels event, and had higher champagne sales when using BlastOut compared to previous BlackWhite Angels events.

Individuals could also make use of BlastOut for weddings, parties or other kinds of private gatherings.



BlastOut is an interesting application with quite a lot of uses for businesses and organisations which are hosting their own events. It’s not something the average user would use to host their own events everyday; after all, most people don’t have events or attend events on a regular basis. However, when there is an event the individual is planning, it could make planning for the event easier for the individual.

It’s free and the iOS version is here, while the Android version is here.

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