NFC sharing on iPhone? Not so soon…

When Apple announced NFC during last week’s keynote, it seemed like we were finally going to see Apple adopt the technology much like how Android has done so for the slew of recent flagships, however Apple has confirmed that its NFC chip in the iPhone 6 is restricted to Apple Pay, the company’s new mobile payments platform.

This means that while Android users are bumping their devices and sharing images, contacts and pairing bluetooth headphones, iOS users will be forced to simply watch. Thankfully, all hope is not dead and gone.

As with NFC, Apple had initially restricted TouchID on the iPhone 5s to their own uses, but now they have opened it to third-party developers with iOS 8. While NFC is restricted to Apple Pay for the iPhone 6 right now, it’s possible, and likely, that Apple will extend this to developers in a future release of iOS. For now, you’ll have to pay for goods using Apple Pay if you want to experiment with NFC on the iPhone 6.

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