M1 iPhone 6 pre-orders now open, SingTel and StarHub closed

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, announced earlier today, will be available for pre-order at all three telcos from 12 September, and for sale from 19 September in Gold, Silver and Space Grey. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for instant updates on when the pre-orders will open on 12 September.

Update: 15 Sept 1200hrs – Now shown on the SingTel website:

Thank you for your interest in the iPhone6/iPhone 6 Plus but pre-registration has closed. For those who have registered, do visit this page again or check your mailbox (including spam folder) as we will provide more details on getting the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus. Appointment Booking will open on Wednesday, 17 September 2014, 3pm.

Update: 14 Sept 2014 1530hrs – Now visible on the SingTel website:

For those of you who have pre-registered for the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus, great job! For those who have not, what are you waiting for?

Pricing will also be revealed tomorrow!

Update: 12 Sept 2014 2250hrs – The StarHub website now states this:

Bigger is worth waiting for. All iPhone fans, stay tuned on Monday, 15 September for more details!

Update: 12 Sept 2014 1930hrs – This is now visible on the SingTel website:

Hang in there! The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pricing details will be released soon. Do check back for more updates.

Update: 12 Sept 2014 1610hrs – We bring you the latest news as M1 has released its pre-order forms and price plans. Scroll down for subsidised plans and the link to pre-order your phone today!

As for SingTel and StarHub, pre-order forms and pricing details should be coming along soon enough. You can also directly order the iPhone from Apple’s Singapore website.

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M1, SingTel and StarHub have also released their price plans, and we have attached it for your convenience. Personally we feel you should steer clear of SingTel – the prices are way too high

M1 Price list
M1 Price List
SingTel Price List
SingTel Price List
StarHub Price List
StarHub Price List

It is important to note three key distinctions between the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. While the iPhone 6 only has a lower resolution, 4.7″ screen, an 8 MP digitally stabilised camera and a 50 hour battery life, the iPhone 6 Plus has a full HD (1080p) 5.5″ screen, an 8 MP optically stabilised (OIS) camera and an 80 hour battery life.

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There are three variants to choose from for each device – 16 GB, 64 GB, and for the first time, a 128 GB option. Off-contract local prices for the iPhone 6 with these options  are S$988, S$1148, and S$1288 respectively. The iPhone 6 Plus will cost S$1148 for the 16 GB model, S$1288 for the 64 GB model, as well as S$1448 for the new 128 GB model.

Unfortunately, these are ridiculously high prices, especially when looking at the Android competition – the 32 GB + SD card slot (up to 128 GB) LG G3 is available for just S$899, and that’s with a 5.5″ 2K display.

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SingTel has also kindly included an infographic informing you of how the whole pre-order process will work, have a look:


You can also get the iPhones from the Singapore Apple Online Store, as well as Apple Authorised Resellers, both on pre-order and when it launches here on 19 September.

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