The Surface Pro 3 is here.

The tablet that can replace our laptop has hit our shores.

More specifically, the shores of the TwentyFirstTech office.

We are pleased to announce that one of our editors has personally purchased the Surface Pro 3 in the i5 128GB version, and the Surface Pro 3 will now be an integral part of the tools which we use to cover the latest tech events.

We are busy working on a full deep dive into the performance of the Surface Pro 3, so that we can deliver a comprehensive review in the coming weeks.

For now, suffice to say that the Surface Pro 3 is delivering on most of the promises it was making, and anyone looking for a new tablet or laptop, should indeed give the Surface Pro 3 a look. And a look you shall have. Feast your eyes on some images on our latest favourite toy.

Side Profile

Type Cover





For more on the Surface Pro 3, stay tuned!

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