Win A 2-Year Easy Mobile L Plan By Doing This One Simple Tweak

Does this title sound scammy? But – and prepare to be amazed – it’s not. You can actually win a 2-year Easy Mobile L Plan from Singtel by creating a tweak and posting it on this site. Read on to find out more…Basically, you can find out about Easy Mobile from my old post.

A quick summary of what an Easy Mobile L Plan is:

It costs 65 bucks per month (don’t need to take out your calculators, here’s the math: 65x12x2 = 1560 bucks!). It gives you 16 units to play around with to tweak your mobile plan, and each unit is worth 50 minutes of outgoing local calls, 500 SMS/MMS, or 0.5GB of local data usage. You have to use at least one unit for each of the three (data, calls, SMS/MMS) and you can do the math to figure out what you can get, but I’ll just tell you what we all want to know – maximum data you can configure per month on this plan is 7 gigs. Check out the Singtel site and you’ll see just how worth it that is. At 63 dollars for the old combo 3 (most common plan), you get 3 gigs of data, 300 min of outgoing calls and 1200 SMS/MMS, while the Easy Mobile L plan would  give you 1500 SMS/MMS, 300 min outgoing and 3.5 gigs of data for 2 bucks more. And you can customise it, so yeah, you’d probably just up it to 6 or 7 gigs of data (who the heck calls and texts anymore?).

So, the million dollar (technically 1560 dollars) question… What do I need to do? What is this simple tweak?

First, go to this website. Then click “Tweak To Win”. Then fill out your details and then upload a picture of your tweak. “What tweak?” you ask. You didn’t think it’d be *that* easy, did you? You need to look around you for something in your life that you’ve “tweaked” to suit your taste. Maybe you add a scoop of Milo into your coffee every morning, you deviant nonconformist. Or maybe you added sick Christmas lighting to your house that syncs with music like this guy. Or you tricked out your home with home automation controlled from your Android Wear smartwatch, controllable by voice of course.

Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ve done something to tweak your life for the better, and any tweak is welcome. After you’ve taken a picture of your tweak and uploaded it, remember to share it on social media and beg politely ask your friends to vote for it.

As with all things these days, the most popular (and by that, it means the most voted for, as if that metric could actually properly determine how popular it is) tweak in each category (Technology, Food and Lifestyle) will win the 2-year Easy Mobile L plan.

This is my tweak, for those interested. It’s pretty self-explanatory,  basically I customised my Macbook’s desktop to feature a news feed, time, date, day, now playing music in iTunes, Word of The Day, and a to do list synced with my iPhone. I used Geektool to create it with HTML code I sourced from all over the Internet.
Tweak hi res
Do vote for my tweak here if you think it’s cool. Also, if you want me to share how I made my Mac desktop look like that, you can comment below and I might just post the code.
Singaporeans are known to be a resourceful and versatile nation of people. You tweak your kopi in the morning and your travelling route with the taxi uncle. Why not tweak your mobile phone line?
SingTel Easy Mobile lets you do just that – and in order to win a 2-year Easy Mobile L plan, show them your best tweak here. Do be creative and do post up some tweaks, because there are 1560 reasons why (1 dollar = 1 reason).

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