[IFA 2014] Samsung experiments yet again, with 'curved' Note 4 Edge

Photo Credit: The Verge

Just under two years ago at CES 2013, we were treated to a preview of a Samsung device that would feature a sloping AMOLED display. Time passed, devices such as the Galaxy Round and LG G Flex were launched and most of us forgot all about it. But today, the hype is real. Samsung presents to you the Galaxy Note 4 Edge.

On paper, there’s hardly anything different with the simultaneously announced Note 4, aside from a display drop from 5.7 to 5.6 inches. The build and design is identical (well, aside from the curved edge), the same 16 MP rear camera, a heart-rate sensor and fingerprint scanner, processor, UI, Quad-HD resolution, and anything you could care to name. But to compare the device to its brother on paper would be foolish.

Just like the CES 2013 concept device, the right edge of the Note 4 Edge (N4E) slopes downward, falling off toward the edge and wrapping around the side. Its looks are hurt quite a bit, and ergonomics also takes a hit according to most who’ve had a hands-on with it.


There is special software running inside the N4E, that splits the two parts of the display, yet allowing them to be connected as one module. By default, it functions as a quick-launcher with easy access to a bunch of your most-used apps that we have seen in recent TouchWiz versions which usually appears through an on-screen arrow on the left of the (flat) display.

There are a number of widgets, though, tickers of sorts that let you flip through news or tweets or information about how many steps you’ve taken. And you can do it all without ever changing or disturbing what you see on the larger display, which is brilliant.



In some apps, the edge acts as a toolbar, offering easy access to font menus or camera modes or in-app settings. At night, it can be your alarm clock, the time displayed on the side of the phone so you can see it without taking your head off your pillow.

Thing is, with this being quite new, it seems really awkward to have this separate piece of display ‘jutting out’ from the side of your phone. Neither us nor Samsung is sure about the function the edge will serve, but with today’s tech-savvy users, we’ll be sure to see a lot of unique uses for it.

For now, it’s coming to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint but Samsung has cryptically stated that it will launch in “selected markets”.

What do you think about the Note 4 Edge? Cool or seriously uncool? Weigh in below!

Here’s a gallery, images courtesy of The Verge:

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