MIUI 6 Launched

Xiaomi, recently ranked third in Singapore’s smartphone market, turned 4 yesterday, and at the same time launched their newest ROM, MIUI 6.

Take a look at the preview video

Impressed yet? So are we. The new UI is sleek, colourful, and overall really beautiful. One gripe though is that it looks like a blatant rip-off of iOS 7, from the new flat design to the accents to the parallax effect. Quoting our Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Foong, “How do they not get sued by Cupertino??”

The Xiaomi website claims their new deisgn is simple, intuitive, and beautiful. This isn’t too far off, with their new flat icons and general feel of things. Apps are all designed with minimalism in mind, lots of large flat colours and a lack of gradients. There is a whole slew of new features, such as a more powerful dialer, better integration with Mi Cloud, and a new notification shade (again resembling iOS 7 here). As it is still in a closed beta, we do not have access to a phone with MIUI 6 and cannot come up with our own review yet, but do check out the Xiaomi website, and some reviews from early adopters. You can sign up for beta testing here. This is overall a really impressive update, and looks like it will be gain Xiaomi an even greater market share.

Personally I appreciate the direction MIUI is going, giving Android users an option to have an iOS like design but with Android’s features. While a direct copy may not be the wisest, it is certainly an astute decision to stick to what works.

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