Instagram Unveils New Messaging App

Instagram has recently and quietly released a new app named “Bolt”, at first glance a rival to and clone of Snapchat. For readers not in the know, it allows users to send images and videos that self destruct after a certain amount of time, usually a few seconds. While it doesn’t appear to be particularly unique, especially when coming out so soon after the release of Facebook’s Slingshot, (at this juncture it is perhaps worth noting that Instagram is owned by Facebook, so one might wonder what Facebook is thinking by releasing two similar apps so close to each other), but it does have the advantage of Instagram’s 200 million or so active users.

At the moment, Bolt is exclusive to users in New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore, for both iOS and Android.

Is Bolt likely to be a success? Can it even compete with Snapchat? Share you thoughts below!

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