Destiny Beta now available for all PS+ and Xbox Live Gold Members

In a move that has surprised all of us, Bungie has decided to open up the Destiny Beta for everyone on the Playstation 3, 4, Xbox 360 and One – provided you have a PS+ or Xbox Live Gold membership.

A day ago, while many were rueing missing out on obtaining a download code for the Beta, Bungie threw the doors to its Beta wide open. Not only is this a welcome move from those desperate to play the game, but it is also great to see that Bungie is deciding to stress-test its servers in anticipation of the launch of the full game itself.

The news was announced on Bungie’s blog and although it doesn’t specifically say anything about when the free access ends it’s implied that you’ll be able to keep playing all the way through to the end of the beta on Sunday night.

All you have to do is navigate to your console dashboard and simply press download, assuming you have paid for PS+ or Xbox Live Gold. Said Bungie:

‘The Beta has been eye-opening so far. We’ve watched the world of Destiny come to life. Guardians from every platform have arrived at the Tower from their battles in the wild,’ says the Bungie blog.

‘We have watched your adventures with great interest, and listened to your feedback. Your missions have provided us with volumes of discoveries we can use to prepare for the launch of Destiny in September’

The team here at Twenty First Tech is also enjoying Bungie’s move of goodwill, so stay tuned for our impressions of the Beta after it closes on Sunday night. For now, all we have to say is that Bungie’s third IP after Marathon and Halo is shaping up to be a great game – albeit heavily different yet similar to both of them.

Meanwhile, you can have a look at the trailer for the game below. It releases worldwide on all supported platforms (i.e. Playstation 3 & 4, and Xbox 360 & One) on 19 September 2014.

What do you think of Destiny? A must buy for you or are you disgruntled by Bungie’s decision to exclude the PC from one of the release platforms and instead focus on the legacy consoles? Leave your thoughts below!

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