Nokia to launch a full fledged Android device?

Is this week shaping up to be one chock full of news about smartphone software breaking through platform boundaries, reaching new users and coming from companies you wouldn’t necessarily expect? We already brought you that rumor about an Android-running Lumia handset, and now we’re seeing the resurgence of some other claims arising at that same intersection between Android and Windows Phone, as rumors about Android app compatibility coming to Microsoft’s platform resurface.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it should, since this rumor first popped up back in February. Those were before the days of even the first Nokia X, and the idea didn’t seem to touch at all upon the notion of a phone running Android at its core; instead, we’d be looking at an Android app compatibility layer, much as we see on BlackBerry 10.

The Verge’s Tom Warren, who first reported that news back in February, is out talking about it again today in light of this new Lumia Android rumor. While he doesn’t offer much in the way of new detail, he does indicate that Microsoft appears to still be working on the idea, and continues with the note that this could arrive as a feature both for Windows Phone as well as Windows RT.

Just when might this support turn up? We don’t get any specific ETA, but Warren talks about connections between the desire to deliver this app compatibility and the long-term goals for the Nokia X family; just where those roads lead, though, remains to be seen.

Source: Tom Warren (Twitter)
Via: Pocketnow

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