5 Great Reasons Why The Surface Pro 3 is Perfect for Students

You might have already heard about Microsoft’s line of Surface tablets. Third generation on, Microsoft boldly claims that they have finally made a “tablet that can replace your laptop”. We’ll reserve our judgement until we get our hands on a review unit, but for now one thing’s for sure: This is a device that’s great for students.

We’ll give you the top 5 reasons why students should seriously consider investing in one of these devices, but here’s the summary: It’s an 800 gram tablet that’s as powerful as any other Ultrabook out there. And it’s (relatively) affordable too.

Microsoft designed the device specifically having iPad cum MacBook Air users in mind. Why get a tablet and a laptop when you can have it 2 in 1? Or at least that’s the question that they hope to answer with the Surface Pro 3. Want to know what exactly the Surface Pro 3 is? Check out the promo video below. Or, you could read our detailed article here, and visit the official Surface website for more information.

If you’re impressed (you should be) and you currently are looking for a tablet or laptop (or both) to replace your old one, read on to find out what the Surface Pro 3 has to offer.

1. It’s extremely thin and light

At 9.1mm thin, it’s probably thinner than your phone. And this is a real feat, considering this is a full-blown laptop with an Intel Haswell processor. It’s lighter than the MacBook Air too, and Microsoft wanted to make it clear so badly they placed the two devices on a weighing scale during their launch event in New York.

A typical Ultrabook weighs 1.2-1.5kg, so the Surface Pro 3 comes as a real relief (literally). Needless to say, you’d hardly be able to notice the extra weight of the device when it’s in your backpack. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for my 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

2. It’s powerful too

Surface Pro 3 Front Purple

Ok so it’s really thin and light, that means it’s weak right? Wrong. Somehow Microsoft managed to squeeze in an Intel Haswell processor in there. The highest end model has a beastly i7-4650U. That’s some pretty powerful material for an Ultrabook of this class.

But if you don’t need the power, or don’t have the money, don’t fret, you can still get an i3-4020Y or an i5-4300U variant of the Surface Pro 3. (For full prices, check here)

All this in a body that’s 9.1mm thin, and they even managed to put in a fan that goes all around the device.

3. The Surface Pen and OneNote

Believe it or not, Microsoft’s engineers actually engineered this device to look like a piece of paper. It’s got a 3:2 aspect ratio, to mimic that of a normal A4 piece of paper. Reviews about this new aspect ratio has been proven to be positive so far.

You might be wondering what’s the point of all this. Well Microsoft provides a Surface Pen with every purchase of the Surface Pro 3. It uses the latest N-trig technology, and weighs and feels like an actual pen. Microsoft even went as far as to eliminate the air gap between the glass and the screen, so that wherever your pen hits the screen will be wherever the ink will be. It’s so good professional artists can work on it.


The writing experience is so realistic, that by clicking the top of the pen (like how you would normally click a pen) will launch your device, even if it’s asleep, straight into a blank OneNote document. You can start writing on it like how you normally would on a piece of paper, even with your hand resting on the screen as you write (Surface recognises that it’s your palm and blocks it). And when you’re done, just click the pen again and the document gets saved into OneNote, in the cloud in OneDrive, and is available with all your devices (your phone, your PC, your Mac) instantaneously. It even works real time, so multiple people can collaborate on the same document all at once.

Would you write whole essays like this? Probably not. But the prospect of taking notes, doing your assignments, all using the Surface Pen and OneNote, having it all synced to the cloud without having to fear that your notes will go missing, is a pretty cool feature to have, and one that’s definitely going to benefit students.

4. It lasts all day

The original Surface Pro had terrible battery life, but the Surface Pro 2 improved on that flaw, and the Pro 3 put that battery into a sexier form. It won’t last as long as say, a MacBook Air, but it still lasts pretty decently long, better than other similarly-spec’d Ultrabooks like the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2. Microsoft claims that the i3 and i7 models all last just as long as the i5 model, but we’ll have to wait for those to be released and tested before we can come to any conclusions.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to go to school without ever having to worry about taking the charger with you.

5. Students get a 10% discount!

Yup, and to top it all off, Microsoft is offering a 10% discount for students purchasing the Surface Pro 3 if you pre-order it online on the Microsoft Singapore store. That makes it an even greater deal.



That’s all we have to say about the Surface Pro 3. It’s obvious that it’s one hell of a powerful tablet, and the portability of this device is definitely an added bonus, especially for students. If you’re convinced that the Surface Pro 3 is the device for you, check out the full pricing here. Do note that the i5 model will ship by then end of August, while the i3 and i7 models will come some time later.

You can preorder the Surface Pro 3 here.

Any thoughts on Microsoft’s latest device? Have they truly invented a tablet that can replace your laptop? Sound of in the comments below. Like us on Facebook for all the latest updates!

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