Stay tuned for our Google Glass first impressions!

That’s right! Thanks to, we got an exclusive look and feel of the world renowned Google Glass! Retailing for US$1500, it’s not for the average Joe yet, but we’re still very much interested in it.

Ian Paynton, publishing manager posing for us with Glass

Google Glass is the revolutionary new wearable technology straight from the hands of Google. With it, you can get real time feedback about, say, your daily run right at the top right corner of your eye, or you can record a video without having to wait for your smartphone.

You can even take pictures and share them immediately, or you can call or message any of your contacts – all this, while your hands can be occupied with something else. There is also Google Maps support, together with Play Music integration.

Google's Glass lets users send messages, video-chat, record video and take photos.
Google’s Glass lets users send messages, video-chat, record video and take photos.

And if you’re a golf nut, you have GolfSight. It is a golf GPS rangefinder made specifically for Glass. It gives you accurate pin distance, course data, and scoring information, all without having to dig through your pockets. Another golfing app, Swingbyte for Glass provides the most natural, hands free way to improve your golf game. Get real time swing data, coaching and more, all without having to step away from the tee.

Not forgotten are fitness buffs. LynxFit is a personal fitness coach that helps keep you on track with your health goals. Subscribe to a workout challenge, track your activity, and receive real time coaching through Glass.

All in all, Google Glass may seem like an unnecessary piece of tech, but then again – that’s what people said about the smartphone too.  Stay with us for our first impressions of Glass coming soon!


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