The new touch/type covers might not work with your Surface RT/Pro

Own a first generation Surface RT/Pro and thinking of upgrading to a touch or type cover 2? Well technically speaking, you can do so as long as you have around $200 – Microsoft claims that the new covers are fully compatible with the Surface RT and Surface Pro.

But they may not always work.

I own a Surface RT of my own, and have been considering getting a type cover 2 for quite some time. So when Microsoft sent over a Surface 2 review unit along with a Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2, I snapped them onto my Surface RT immediately, only to find that they don’t work.

Well, only the trackpad works. But my Surface somehow couldn’t register the keyboard. After doing some researching online I found out that a factory reset with the type cover 2 attached was necessary in order for Microsoft to install the drivers necessary to get the Type Cover 2 to work. Okay, sounds simple enough.

But after going to the settings menu where I tried to factory reset the device, this message popped up:

It doesn’t make any sense as my Surface RT was a direct replacement set from Microsoft, and I’ve never messed around with the system files so al files should be present. Another search online found that this is a persistent issue for some Windows 8.1 owners.

For those of you who have encountered this problem and are desperately looking for a fix, there is technically one, which can be found over here.

As for me, I’ve never tried the fix because after all that trouble I was basically so frustrated with Microsoft that I gave up on the idea of purchasing a Type Cover 2.

And as for Microsoft, I wonder what they’re going to do about the customers who happily purchase a new type/touch cover only to find that they only half-work with their old Surface, and that the only solution (a factory reset) cannot be performed.

Not everyone has the luxury of trying out a review unit before purchasing it.

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