Samsung Galaxy S5 available today, prices inside

Read on past the break for our comparison of the prices of the S5 across the 3 telcos.

Yesterday, those who preordered the Samsung Galaxy S5 collected their phones.

Customers who booked an appointment slot with StarHub, collected the phone across all 14 StarHub Shops. Registered customers have been given specified timeslots and shop locations to avoid overcrowding at any one shop and for the comfort of customers.

Starting today, all other customers can purchase the Galaxy S5. For the sake of your convenience, the price of the S5 across the 3 telcos has been collated for you to compare. The prices are of course for re-contracting/new customers who intend to sign up for a mobile plan as well.

~$39  ~$59  ~$99  ~$200 (Singtel $239)
 M1    $688    $398    $218    $98
 Singtel    $688    $398    $218    $98
 Starhub    $699    $399    $229    $99


Looking at the prices, buying the phone under Starhub is the cheapest, since Starhub’s contracts are at least $1 lower per month compared to Singtel and M1. That being said, you should pick the telco that best suits you, and not just go for the one with the lowest price.

Stay tuned for our review of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the coming weeks!

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