How to update to Windows Phone 8.1 on April 14

Although the update is targeted at developers, anyone can update to it. Microsoft allows everyone to download and install Windows Phone 8.1 on their device, starting from April 14. Read on past the break to find out how.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the juicy new Windows Phone 8.1 update? As part of Microsoft’s Windows Phone Preview for Developers, developers have enjoyed access to pre-release builds of Windows Phone updates since the GDR3 update of Windows Phone 8.

To enjoy the early access, you have to fulfil one of the three requirements:

  • Own a developer-unlocked phone
  • Be a registered Windows Phone Store developer
  • Be a registered Windows Phone App Studio developer

For many of us, fulfilling either of the first two is not an option. What we are interested in is being a Windows Phone App Studio developer, and fortunately, almost anyone can be one.

To become one, you simply have to login to the Windows Phone App Studio site using your Microsoft account, and you’ll be recognised as a WPAA developer.

Now for the juicy part, in order to enroll yourself in the developer preview program, visit the Windows Phone Store on your phone and install the ‘Preview for Developers‘ app.



Follow the on-screen steps and you’ll be enrolled in the preview in no time. When the update is finally released over-the-air to developers, head over to Settings > Phone update to update. Nokia users, do note that the update, a pre-release build, is not the Lumia Cyan.

However, if you choose to update to a pre-release build, your warranty will be voided, at least until the official carrier update is released. Updating to a pre-release build is a one-way thing as well, so do consider it through before updating.

Just kidding, no one can resist updating early.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Windows Phone!

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