Making informed purchases

Buyer’s regret is awful and can come to haunt you! Luckily, making informed purchases helps to minimise it.

Read reviews

When you have set your eyes on a gadget, try and search for reviews online to know how it fares in actual usage. Reviewers typically use the device for a week or two, sharing with you the pros and cons of the product in a concise article.

Of course, everyone’s personal taste is different, meaning that reviews are subjective and to be taken with a pinch of salt. Some tech sites are known to be biased against certain products, so try to browse through 2 or 3 reviews, each typically taking around 5 minutes to read. But if majority of reviewers are going on and on about how bad a product is, it probably is a bad product. The time spent reading reviews is definitely worth it, since it can potentially save you from buying a product you’ll come to hate.

Consider alternatives

The number of iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S series phones you can find on the street is overwhelming. When questioned on their decision, many buyers of either phone said that it was down to either the flagship of Apple or Samsung. Sure, they may be aware of alternatives such as Sony’s Xperia line or even Nokia’s Lumia line, but more often that not buyers do not even consider them.

If you are dead set on getting, say, the iPhone 5s, at least take a look at other phones, such as the HTC One or Sony Xperia Z1 (not really a good idea right now since their successors are releasing soon), both of which looks and feels premium like the Cupertino flagship. This way, buyer’s regret may come to haunt you less if you do regret your choice, knowing that you have already looked at the competition before purchasing it.

If you are open to your choice of phone, then why not take a look at other brands like Xiaomi? Your new phone need not always be one from well known manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, or Sony, since there are others out there offering very attractive models for an equally attractive price. Looking for one with high-end specs? There’s the Mi3 for you. A budget phone that does not compromise on quality? It’s none other than the Redmi. Both of these models retail at almost half of similar phones of other brands.

No doubt the ‘Made in China’ stigma is still present, and that many will still shun Chinese products, but if you’ve done enough homework, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and purchase.

Ask a friend

Everyone knows at least that one person who is tech-savvy, so if you are confused by all the reviews and alternatives, you can always rely on someone who knows what’s going on to help you make a better choice.

Try it

Reviews and friends can only tell you so much about a certain product. Before you purchase a device, make sure you have played around with it, such as borrowing a friend’s or heading down to a store with demo units. Ultimately, you yourself have to be happy with your purchase.


Purchasing IT gadgets can be tricky. Purchasing blindly can cause a major headache, after all, many of our IT gadgets stay with us for at least a year. However, if you’ve done your homework before your purchase, you will be able to make an informed purchase and be happy about it.

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