Singtel NOT charging customers for Whatsapp

If the title wasn’t clear enough, here it is again. Singtel is NOT       charging customers for Whatsapp. Head past the break for more   details.

Over-the-top (OTT) companies provide services like messaging (Whatsapp) and calling (Skype) as an alternative to the normal text messages and calls mobile network providers provide.

Singtel Whatsapp CEO


During the Mobile World Congress, Singtel CEO Chua Sock Koong voiced out her concerns regarding companies like Whatsapp cutting the revenues of carriers.

“The main problem we have as an industry is we have been unable to monetise this increased demand.”

She called on regulators to allow carriers to charge OTT companies when the companies are providing their services over networks provided by carriers. This is unlikely to happen, and even if it does, customers should be largely unaffected.

Let us imagine for a second that regulators have started allowing carriers to charge OTT companies. When the carrier, say Singtel, detects that you are using Whatsapp over Singtel’s network, Singtel will proceed to charge Whatsapp, and NOT the customer.

The confusion was likely caused by netizens raging on forums when they saw the words ‘Singtel’, ‘Whatsapp, and ‘charging’. Rest be assured, Singtel has already clarified that they have no plans to charge customers separately for using OTT services.

That said, Singtel has a ‘Whatsapp Pass‘, providing unlimited usage of Whatsapp without incurring data usage and charges for $6.42 a month. It would be unwise to subscribe to it since the mobile data usage of Whatsapp is pretty low (unless you’re constantly sending pictures and videos), but prepaid SIM users can consider subscribing to it.

Image credits: Vulcanpost and Sydney Morning Herald

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