Motorola to Release Smartwatch

Motorola is going to release a smartwatch this year, according to a Twitter status, and senior vice president Rick Osterloh himself. Read past the fold for more details.

The news was revealed at a panel discussion at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With more and more companies entering the smartwatch market, and rumours of Apple and Google also entering, the competition seems to be heating up in the wearable sector.

Currently, smartwatches are rather stylish, but they have terrible battery life as a rule – the first Galaxy Gear had only a day of battery life per charge. That’s quite a lot less than the battery life of an average watch, and is a major problem stopping smartwatches from becoming more widely adopted. If Motorola manages to solve the battery life problem, then perhaps we may see smartwatches leaving the niche and entering the mainstream. Until then, we shall have to wait for a smartwatch that is finally done right.

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