4.4 KitKat to arrive in March for LG G2 in Singapore

LG announced today that the anticipated Android 4.4 KitKat OS upgrade for the G2 smartphone is expected to roll out in Singapore starting in Mid March.

This is following their Korean competitor, Samsung, which has already begun rolling out their 4.4.2 firmware both in Singapore and internationally. Meanwhile, HTC has begun testing for their 4.4 firmware, but since Sony’s rollout of the 4.3 update for the Z1, no other news has come our way.


LG had previously announced the unpopular decision to skip a 4.3 update and go directly to 4.4.2, but it seems that the March release will placate many angry voices.

From the press release sent to us, Scott Jung, Managing Director of LG Singapore stressed that “the provision of timely software updates is one of the many ways in which LG is constantly improving the user experience”.

What’s new?

With the upgrade, the G2 plays music more efficiently and supports the battery-saving location mode, extending battery life and user enjoyment. The latest Android OS also provides a noticeable speed boost, allowing the G2 to run applications up to 17 percent faster than before and thanks to the Chromium engine, web browsing is quicker as well, based on internal testing. What’s more, a handy new feature called Google Cloud Printer makes it easy to print documents via Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection.

This are generally standard improvements that the 4.4 update has provided, so there’s nothing special that LG has injected into their firmware.

What about other devices?

The upgrade package for the G Pro, G Tablet, G Flex, is expected to be released in late second quarter of 2014. However, as requirements differ per market and operators, the exact date of availability may vary. More detailed information will be announced in the near future.

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