Check out these Windows Phone fitness apps for the Chinese New Year

Afraid that you’ll put on a kilogram or two after the Lunar New Year? Fret not, Nokia has been promoting some apps to keep you healthy and fit (supposedly).

Besides the fitness apps, the Chinese New Year Greetings app allows you to browse various auspicious greetings in Mandarin, with the English “han yu pin yin” provided and a voice prompt indicating how to say the Mandarin greeting with accuracy – very handy while visiting relatives and friends!

Chinese New Year Greetingsimage006Spread the Lunar New Year cheer while picking up the right pronunciation of auspicious Mandarin phrases.
Active Fitness (Free)image012Active Fitness enables users to track activity, follow progress on maps and set out a comprehensive training plan.
Adidas miCoach (Free)image014Adidas miCoach, with a NEW update available, delivers a personalized fitness experience through features exclusive to Nokia Lumia smartphones. The app features training plans, options to create and track workout progress and receive coaching feedback during workouts. Also available exclusively on Nokia Lumia devices, the app combines heart rate monitor and in-app playlists from Nokia Music to create a customized personal training environment.
Elan Skis (Free)image016Elan Skis app can track data from ski trips, including speed, vertical, elevation, ski runs and details about the mountain itself. This app features information on more than 2,000+ ski resorts including ski lifts locations, weather, resort information and weather forecast. The app also provides social action photography using ActivePic technology, to help you share pictures from a day in the snow, show off your favorite runs on the maps and allows you to set and track skiing goals.
Gym Pocket Guide (Free)image018Lose fat, build muscle or find new exercises with Gym Pocket Guide! This app will help you accomplish goals with 100+ exercises and stretches, videos and step-by-step instructions on the best stretches and exercises.
Runtastic Pro ($4.99)image020This app serves as your own personal trainer for all outdoor and indoor activities. Runtastic tracks all physical activity so you can see just how hard you are sweating.
6 Week Training (Free)image022This is an excellent app which lets you follow a six weeks training program to help you get into a fabulous shape.
7 Minute Workout (Free)image024The 7 minute workout is a great companion app which has popular exercises that maximizes your results in the minimum amount of time. 

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