The Dessert Race – Android Distribution Numbers (January 2014)

The Android distribution numbers for January of 2014 are out, and the dessert race is more interesting than ever with the addition of 4.4 Kit Kat in November.

January 2014
Android Distribution Numbers for January 2014

The latest figures show that Jellybean has closed in 59.1% up from 54.5% last month, a 4.6% increase, and remains as the biggest player in Android. Kit Kat, which for now remains exclusive to the Nexus devices, the Motorola line and some Google Play Edition devices, has increased by 0.3%, up to 1.4% from 1.1% last month. We expect to see a sharp increase in Kit Kat distribution in the coming months, as new smartphones come preinstalled with 4.4 and the update is pushed to current devices.

December 2013
Android Distribution Numbers for December 2013

Meanwhile, the other versions, including Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread and Froyo, have declined in their distribution numbers, Ice Cream Sandwich from 18.6% to 16.9%, Gingerbread from 24.1% to 21.2% and Froyo from 1.6% to 1.3%.

January 2013
Android Distribution Numbers for January 2013

Of course, as we usher in the new year, we also have to see how we fared against the figures from 12 months ago. Since 4.4 Kit Kat and 4.3 Jelly Bean were not introduced then, we noticed a significant drop in Jelly Bean distribution numbers in January last year, amounting to only 10.2%, as compared to 59.1% now. Gingerbread was the largest player back then, accounting for 47.6% of devices, but now, numbers have slumped to 21.2%.

Android 4.4 Kit Kat – the latest version can run on devices with as little as 512MB of RAM

This is definitely good news for us Android fans, as it signifies a faster update progress for Android devices, with fewer and fewer devices being left behind, and less fragmentation among platform distribution. With 4.4 Kit Kat optimised for devices with as little as 512MB of RAM, we can foresee Kit Kat to dominate the low end device market in the near future.

Do stay tuned to our monthly edition of Dessert Wars, where we update you on the latest Android distribution numbers.

Image Source: DroidLife

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