Philips’ new TVs to ship with Android

Philips has recently announced that their new Smart TVs will ship with Android, to give users the full range of apps from Google Play, and the company has confirmed that the new Ambilight TVs will have full access to the current range of Philips Smart TV apps as well.

We don’t have information on what it looks like, or its specs, or frankly much of the device at all, but we know that it will feature a powerful quad-core processor capable of running all the most demanding and most taxing Android games at 1080p.


“In 2014, we will start the roll-out of Philips TVs featuring Android in the higher end of our product portfolio. We expect that consumer appreciation and take-up will rapidly grow. By 2015 already the majority of our smart TVs will be Android powered,” said Maarten de Vries, CEO TP Vision. Sadly, only the higher end TVs will get it, but as technology progresses, this will likely be a common staple in all televisions.

Nowadays, Smart TVs all have varying user experiences, making them difficult to use for some, or simply rather different, which takes some time to get used to. With Android, the user experience will be similar for people using other Android devices.

“We believe that Android is a true promise for the TV market as it will seriously boost the smart TV experience, bringing the speed and user friendliness on par with the experiences users get from their mobile smart devices of today. We are proud to be the first European TV brand to bring the newest Smart TV benefits to consumers,” added Scott Housley, global head of product and strategy at TP Vision.

Playing Dead Trigger on a smartphone is fun. But on the big screen, it would be much nicer. There is no word on how people would be able to play Android games on such a TV though, as clearly, touchscreen is not the way on a big screen. There are several Android game controllers by Moga and other manufacturers, available, and some Android phones can even use the PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers to play games, such as the Xperia Z1, so hopefully Philips will be offering a game controller+Smart TV bundle of some sort for those who want to game on this TV.

What do you think? Are you excited to play Angry Birds on your television? Do comment below to share your opinions!

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