SURPRISE – Google’s Christmas Easter Egg

UPDATE (2245 24/12/2013): The Google Santa Tracker is live! This function accessible at allows us to track Santa’s movements in real time, as he transverses the globe, dropping off presents for us 😀

Santa Tracker 1

Santa Tracker 3

This trackers shows where he is going next, the estimated time of arrival, the distance his reindeers have travelled so far, and the amount of gifts he has dropped down through those chimneys.

Santa Tracker 2

Woah and it is even better in 3D! By clicking on the “Earth” option, you can view him travelling across the vast distances at lightning speed. This is certainly a cool feature worth exploring. Great job keeping us entertained Google!

Facebook Chat Head

In other news, Facebook has also caught up with Google in this easter egg frenzy. For those of you who use the Facebook Messenger app, believe it or not, the chat heads are actually snowing! Click on the chat heads to trigger the animation, which will stop after a while. A nice initiative by Facebook as well!

Well hopefully, Santa will drop by Singapore and surprise us with some presents tomorrow morning. Go ahead and tell us in the comments below what you hope to get for Christmas this year. Who knows, Santa might be listening to your wishes 😛


With Christmas fast approaching in 2 days, Google has been hard at work livening up the festive atmosphere. Just today, they introduced a Christmas theme into their Search function on both mobile devices and PCs.

Christmas Theme Phone
The Christmas theme on smartphones

When you search for some Christmas related terms on your smartphone’s Chrome browser, you will see that the usual bog standard white background has been replaced by a Christmas green background, coupled with some snow (though we don’t see much here in Singapore) piled on the search results card.

Christmas Theme Web
The Christmas theme on PCs

On computers, you are greeted by a animated banner, which includes falling snow and surprise surprise, Santa’s sleigh being pulled across the screen by his reindeers!

Try it yourself! Search for the following: “Christmas”, “Christmas Day”, “Merry Christmas”, “Christmas Tree” as well as “Christmas Sweaters”. Most other Christmas related searches will also have the same effect. Note that this easter egg does not work on Google Now.

Google’s not done with it yet. This Christmas, Google has implemented a special karaoke feature into your favourite search engine, so that you can sing along to famous Christmas tunes and impress your family and friends during Christmas dinner.

Let's Go Caroling 1
Congrats! Your phone just turned into a Christmas jukebox!

Enter “Let’s Go Caroling” into the search box on your mobile devices and a card will pop up, asking you to select a song from a choice of 5 famous carols. These include “Jingle Bells”, “Up On The House Top”, “Deck The Halls”, “O Christmas Tree” and the all time favourite “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.

Let's Go Caroling 3
Sing along to the lyrics!

After selecting your choice, you can click on play and sing along to the lyrics, like you would at any other karaoke sessions. So go ahead and try it out now. However, do note that this function does not work on your PC’s web browser.

Santa Tracker
Can’t wait for Christmas? Then this countdown timer would be great for you

Google has also launched a Santa Tracker, complete with a countdown timer to Christmas and many fun games to keep you entertained while waiting, at

Jetpack Game
Many mini games are in store for you, including this jetpack game

These amusing and enjoyable mini games are sure to get you into the festive mood, and make the waiting less torturous.

This isn’t new at Google either. Many easter eggs have been introduced in the past, like “Do a barrel roll” and “Tilt”. Oh Google, what other surprises do you have in store for us?

That’s all for now, folks. We, here at Twenty First Tech, would like you wish all our local and international readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

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