Moto X interactive print ad in Wired Magazine

Print Ad
The Moto X interactive print ad, which allows readers to change the colour of the smartphone at a touch of a button

The Moto X has taken another bold step forward in its ad campaign, this time bringing interactive ads to printed material.

Moto X Ad
The Moto X allows for great customization – a phone designed by you

The smartphone introduced by Motorola in August may not be the most powerful machine in the market, but its customizability is a major drawpoint. Customers can customize almost every aspect of the phone’s design, from changing the colour of the camera ring and buttons, to engraving your name on the back of the phone. This makes every Moto X unique. It also claims to be the only smartphone assembled in the USA, rather than in China, as with most other smartphones.

Moto G
The Moto G – a cheaper alternative to the Moto X. Prices start from US$179

After purchasing Motorola in May last year, Google has made an effort to revive the dying brand, releasing two smartphones – the Moto X and the Moto G. The Moto G is a lower spec version of the Moto X at a cheaper price. However, sales of the Moto X has been slow, with only 500,000 units sold in the third quarter, compared with Samsung, which sold more than 10 million Galaxy S4s within a month of release. Despite that, Motorola has an audacious marketing campaign, from an interactive bus stop ad to an interactive printed ad.

Print Ad Inside
The internal workings of the interactive ad

The new print ad in the January issue of Wired allows readers to change the backplate colour of the Moto X by pressing the 11 buttons on the bottom of the page. This is accomplished by fitting a piece of plexiglass, some LEDs, batteries and a circuit board into a page of polycarbonate paper, with a slight increase in thickness. View it in action here:

Unfortunately, this printed ad will only go out to readers in Chicago and New York, estimated to be around 153,000 people, which means that we will not be getting them here in Singapore. However, if you are interested in customizing your own Moto X, you can try it at this link:

Moto X
Another view of the Moto X

The smartphone features a 4.7″ AMOLED 720p display, a 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro, an Adreno 320 GPU, 2 GB of RAM, a 2200 mAh battery and a 10MP back camera. Prices for the 16GB and 32GB model start at US$499.99 and US$549.99 respectively.

What do you think? Is this ad a revolution for the printed advertising industry, or is the target audience for the ad too small for it to have an intended sales effect?

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