Latest Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition fixes major issues


As Android updates go, version 4.4.2 shouldn’t get anyone hot under the collar — it’s mostly just bug fixes and software removals. But in the case of the Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition, the requisite fixes are, in fact, quite substantial. As many noted in their hands-on with the massive 6.44-inch device, the Z Ultra shipped with a few unforgivable quirks, like the inability to uninstall apps (which is what you’d expect from a skinned device, not pure Android), or sideload apps via the Unknown Sources option in the security settings menu. With 4.4.2. rolling out today, all of that’s now been remedied, in addition the convenient deletion of Google’s not ready for primetime Apps Op feature which allowed users to manage privacy settings for individual apps. Again, it’s as humdrum as updates get, but at least now your svelte Z Ultra is actually worth the money.

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