Google quietly revises Nexus 5 body after complaints

Since the Nexus 5 has been released, many reviewers and users have been noticing small, but obvious flaws with the design of Google’s crown. The discussion had grown significantly on the popular XDA-developers forum, where one user got lucky after having to RMA his new purchase.


After he had returned his faulty Nexus 5 and then received one of the new variants with all the problems of the old one fixed, like the ‘cutting-edge’ display frame, protruding SIM tray, noisy and shaky buttons. The new device was then put side-by-side to the first Nexus 5 and it turned out they have a bit different shell. For one, the revised Nexus had noticeably bigger speaker holes, its buttons were sturdier, and the display had a yellow tint.

It is certainly a positive sign that Google has acknowledged the little quirks of its biggest pride and stepped up quickly to eliminate them. Without doubt, some customers now have the feeling of being cheated, but sometimes that is the cost of being an early adopter.

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