Oppo’s new flagship might use Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 805

China’s perhaps most successful international device, the Oppo Find 5 is nearing its first birthday, which means that a successor is without doubt around the corner. Oppo has confirmed this information, saying that the new device’s name will be the Find 7.

Contrary to what the name might lead you to believe, this is not a tablet from Oppo, but an upgrade of the Find 5 – and it is not just a small bump in specs.

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Movie watchers will love this device, as it is rumoured that the screen size has been increased to 5.7 inches, and resolution sent to a ridiculous high of 2560 x 1440 pixels (but seriously, what are you going to do with these many pixels?!). As with all flagship upgrades, the changes are not only skin deep.

The Find 5 was using the then-latest Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro when it was released back in February. Now, Oppo might be packing the future of Qualcomm’s processing – the Snapdragon S805. A minor upgrade from the latest S800 that powers the LG G2, Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z1 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it will be clocked at slightly higher 2.5 GHz, compared to the 2.2-2.3 GHz of the S800. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it will also have 3 GB of RAM. Keep in mind that an LTE radio might be coming along with the S805, a first for the company.


Storage space remains fixed at 32 GB (there is no 8/16/64 GB option), and there is still no slot for a micro-SD card. Power users will also be head over heels with this device, no doubt, as it has a whopping 4000 mAh battery. Such a large battery will last anyone throughout the whole day with brightness at full and LTE active, however this means that the thickness of the device rises to 9.9mm.

The front facing camera also will receive a resolution upgrade, being now capable of recording photos and videos at 8 MP. This will put the Find 7’s front camera to have the highest resolution amongst competitors, with the closest being Huawei’s Ascend P6 with 5 MP.

This information is not from Oppo themselves, rather it’s from OppoMart.com, but Oppo have not confirmed or denied these specs for the Find 7. It is listed at $700 on pre-order on OppoMart.com, but there’s no exact launch date info just yet.

What do you feel about Oppo’s upcoming flagship? Will you buy it over the more established offerings if these specs are true? Leave your comments below!

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