Xiaomi release 10,400 mAh Power Bank… for just $11

As each new smartphone releases, we see huge improvements in screen, processing power, camera performance and what not. However, there have always been gripes about smartphone battery performance – many simply cannot get it to last a whole day, much less two days. In came the invention of the Power Bank – a portable charger that can be attached to your phone. Problem was, these portable chargers cost a fortune. For example, Samsung’s official 6,000 mAh portable charger retails for over a hundred dollars – already more than a tenth of your devices’ cost itself.

However, your wallet needs to fear no more. The reputed Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has the solution.



Say hello to Xiaomi’s new power bank – a monster 10,400 mAh one. With such power, your wall charger may go unused for days at an end. With other manufacturers, this would set you back close to $200, but Xiaomi is being generous here – really generousThe price of this is a paltry $11.

Yes, that’s right. Eleven dollars. The power bank is available only in China at this price though, but there are sure to be Chinese retailers willing to ship it overseas. It will also be released internationally, although you might see a 100% mark-up in price (which isn’t that much really) due to local retailers wanting to maximize profit.

For now, we know that the Power Bank will come in silver and be housed in an aluminium alloy shell. Xiaomi revealed that batteries that make the power bank come from renown manufacturers like LG and Samsung, thereby increasing the value of the power bank. The device itself has a USB port (possibly 3.0), and a standard Micro-USB one as well.

More details have not yet been announced, but it seems that this device will be about 20mm thick and 3 to 3.5 inches wide diagonally. It may quite possibly be packing some heft, which could hurt pocketability.

What do you think about this? Sweet deal, or too good to be true?

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