World’s first 8 Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM developed by Samsung

Samsung Electronics announced today that it has developed the industry’s first eight gigabit (Gb), low power double data rate 4 (LPDDR4), mobile DRAM (Dynamic Random-Access Memory).

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How Android updates are pushed out

The good people at HTC USA have prepared an infographic that details how an Android update is rolled out for HTC. We can’t imagine that its much too different from what other OEMs (original electronics manufacturers) like Samsung and Sony do to push out updates. It’s quite a clear explanation for why Android updates take so long to arrive, so do enjoy! (Source: HTC USA)

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 LTE Review – An affordable Ace of Spades?


Not everyone has the fortune of being able to win the latest flagship device, or the money to buy one. The fact is most people worldwide dare to splurge on a brand-new flagship only once every two or three years. However, there are still many who do not feel like spending much on their mobile devices, or can only afford to spend very little, and hence settle on devices such as the one we are reviewing today – Samsung’s latest in the very affordable Ace line, the Galaxy Ace 3 LTE. Released 14 months after the Ace 2, it is a significant improvement over its predecessor. While the Ace 2 had a poor 800 MHz dual-core processor, the Ace 3 LTE has upped the clock speed by 50%. The RAM has also been increased from 768 MB to a full gigabyte, amongst other improvements. Before we get going though, let’s have a close look at the Ace 3’s specifications.

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How LG has shaped key trends of Smart Technology

There was a time when phones were the size of bricks and could do nothing but make a simple phone call. Once, televisions were black and white, and used Cathode Ray Tube technology to display the images, resulting in them being roughly thirty over times in thickness than they are now. Technology has improved so much over the years, and in this article, we examine how advances in technology have and will allow for products to be shaped and built around us, and designed around the behaviour and lifestyles of human beings.

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The first CyanogenPhone is available!

Android’s geek community has been awaiting this device for a long time, ever since it has been announced. Oppo’s announcement four days ago raised the excitement level further, when they said that they would be releasing the first CyanogenPhone yesterday. Well, Merry Christmas Android fans! The world’s first CyanogenPhone is now on sale!

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SURPRISE – Google’s Christmas Easter Egg

UPDATE (2245 24/12/2013): The Google Santa Tracker is live! This function accessible at allows us to track Santa’s movements in real time, as he transverses the globe, dropping off presents for us 😀 This trackers shows where he is going next, the estimated time of arrival, the distance his reindeers have travelled so far, and the amount of gifts he has dropped down through those chimneys. Woah and it is even better in 3D! By clicking on the “Earth” option, you can view him travelling across the vast distances at lightning speed. This is certainly a cool feature worth exploring. Great job … Continue reading SURPRISE – Google’s Christmas Easter Egg

Google approves first Cyanogen Phone

It was a decision that had many Android geeks holding their breaths, with the biggest ones being held by the team of Cyanogen Inc. About three months ago, Cyanogen Inc. (then simply CyanogenMod) had announced the decision to go incorporated, and had announced a tie-up with an OEM we now know to be Oppo. They had then applied for verification from Google to allow the users of their own version of Android to use Google services, the most important being the Play Store. Well, guess what? Google has given Oppo and Cyanogen Inc the go-ahead to release the first Cyanogen phone.

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