Samsung’s 64-bit processor almost ready for the Galaxy S5

In response to Apple’s 64-bit architecture on their latest iPhone, Samsung had also announced about a month ago that they would be releasing their own 64-bit processor with the Galaxy S5. Now it seems that their latest chip, the Exynos 5430 is in an advanced stage of development.

A 64-bit architecture greatly speeds things up, as well as allows for RAM expansion to over 4 GB. Anandtech has a great explanation about why Apple has moved to x64 architecture.

We still do not exactly know Samsung’s motives for switching to x64 as well, but when the S5 announcement day rolls around, we should know why.

According to the South Korean press, Samsung is almost ready with the prototype of the Exynos 5430, even as the previous Exynos 5420 has just debuted with the Galaxy Note 3. They say:

The new Samsung’s chipset is based on the ARM Cortex A-50 architecture. This architecture is significantly more efficient and capable of processing more complex calculations as well, thus increasing performance. This will also offer support for DDR4 memory.

It definitely seems more likely that the S5 will be featuring the Exynos 5430, but we might be seeing a more advanced version in the rumoured super premium Galaxy F line. What do you think?

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