Planetbeing says Evad3rs may have all the pieces for iOS 7 jailbreak

In a recent tweet, David Wang, or more commonly known to the world and the jailbreak community as @planetbeing, has just claimed that that he and the rest of the team(the Evad3rs, responsible for the iOS 6.0 through 6.1.2 jailbreaks) are ‘still working hard on the jailbreak,’ and that they mean even have all the pieces at this point—though they’re not certain just yet.

Even so, don’t get your hopes up too soon. Apple has many more bugs to fix in iOS 7, especially due to the massive update iOS has had since iOS 6, and some of these bugs may be fixed before the jailbreak can be used. Not to mention, the evad3rs are more likely to wait for an iOS 7.1.x release before releasing their jailbreak tool, because once used, the exploits will be patched quickly by Apple. Not to mention, it still takes a long time to piece together the entire jailbreak, so I would say that it will be at least a few months more before the jailbreak is released.

Are you excited by this piece of news? I know I am. I cannot wait to resolve issues with my phone using jailbreak tweaks. It is almost certain that someone out there would come up with a way to expand the functionality of the currently crippled Control Center. When do you think the jailbreak would be released? Would you even jailbreak, now that Apple has included so many new features into iOS 7? Do air your opinions down in the comments section below, and also, like our Facebook page, and follow our Twitter to receive updates from us on the go, and share this story with your friends and family.

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