Xperia Z1 Low Light Samples 2

In my eyes, the Sony Xperia Z1 is the phone of the year. Many might disagree with me, including some of our own editors, but I fail to find any place where the Xperia Z1 falters.

Its main selling points are its IP55/58 certification (which means it is dust proof and waterproof), and its absolutely brilliant camera. This droid can shoot at 20.7 MP, but prefers to downsample itself down to 8 MP in its Superior Auto mode, which takes less effort to operate, and gives you generally cleaner images if you are confused about which setting should go where.

However, this does not always work out in low-light conditions. It also has the Sony G Lens, 1/2.3” Exmor RS image sensor and BIONZ image processing engine. Again, on paper, this is the best non-Windows Phone (and Symbian if you’re reminding me of the 808) cameraphone, so every smartphone manufacturer should watch their back, including Nokia.

Not only has this monster of a phone been producing top quality photos, it has also been smashing Android benchmarks one after another, more of which can be seen here in our Z1 Preview.

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of going down to the Singapore Flyer where Sony Mobile Singapore had invited me and 19 others to get a first-hand experience of the Xperia Z1 in low-light conditions. I came back feeling very impressed by the capabilities, so I’ve decided to share the photos with you so that you can have your own judgement. For the full resolution gallery, visit this link.

We have also been reviewing the Z1’s camera in our shootout with the Lumia 1020, and its own test here, also in Singapore.















These following two shots are from 9to5mac and DPReview respectively. Both were taken with flash. The indoor shot was taken in a very dark room that was only illuminated by a small amount of evening light shining through a window to the right of the subject.



While the noise is high in certain images, that can be attributed to me playing around with the settings in Sony’s Manual mode. But once it is set, the Xperia Z1 churns out brilliant photos one after another. Couple that with its top performance, IP55/58 rating and premium aluminium build, there is absolutely no question why you should not be purchasing this phone.

This phone provides a complete package where nothing feels short, unlike other phones where you always feel like it lacks whichever feature – which, not needed – can prove quite useful in certain circumstances. However, the price might be a prickly point for many, with the LG G2 a full $100 cheaper than the Z1. Nevertheless, the choice is up to you.

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8 thoughts on “Xperia Z1 Low Light Samples 2

          1. I would prefer both photos of people(portrait) inside and outside, in very low light and/or darkness, with flash. This would resemble a lot of pictures taken on Facebook in events such as bars and clubs. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

          2. Thank you too, do wait a few hours more though, results have been unsatisfactory, and we’re trying to get better images. We did not get much time to review the camera of The Z1, as we’re busy with other devices for now. Shouldn’t be too long from now though. 🙂

          3. Hi, we’ve updated the article with images you requested, but they’re from other sites. Both of these sites are very reputable though, so don’t doubt the quality of their photos. Nevertheless, we are still working on getting some shots ourselves. We live far away from each other, so it might be a challenge to get someone to take the photos of us, but we’ll try and see if we can work around that. Cheers! 😉

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