FIFA 14 available on Google Play Store, but only for a few countries like Singapore.

EA’s FIFA 14 has long ago established itself as the golden standard for football games, especially on mobile devices. FIFA 12 was a revolution in Android football gaming. It finally introduced better graphics, skill moves and various other features that PC and console gamers had been long enjoying. It was expected though, when gamers revolted at the exclusion of the Android ecosystem from last year’s FIFA installment, FIFA 13. iPhone users laughed at Android gamers’ misfortune, as EA had no qualms releasing the newest FIFA on iOS. The backlash was strong. Instantly, FIFA 12 ratings on the Play Store dropped from a stellar 4.5 stars / 5 stars to 2.5 stars. Gamers went to forums to complain about the exclusion, but most were banned instantly. EA lost many customers that day. However, all of that is about to change.


EA Swiss Sarl has finally released a new FIFA installment on the Play Store – FIFA 14. Yes, you may be rejoicing right now, but hold your horses for a bit. FIFA 14, as you might have known from your iOS using buddies, works on the freemium model. What this means is that the game itself is offered for free on the App Store and Play Store, but upon downloading it you are locked out of many major modes, two examples being Kick-off and League/Cup. To unlock these one must purchase them. To most it is not a problem, as they already used to purchase previous FIFA installments anyways, but if you are not willing to pay EA any more of your money, then you’ll have to deal with what you get. Thankfully, the unlocked content is not a major letdown. Game modes such as Real World Football (pictured above) are still available to play, where you simulate the current week’s fixtures of the real world leagues.

However, even as you whip out your wallets to pay for this, you must note that EA always releases two versions: _na and _row. The _na version isn’t out yet, and the _row one only works in a very small subset of countries. They’re just testing, and in a very limited fashion for now. So for our US and the majority of our European readers, tough luck, for now. You will be unable to install the game legally just yet (apk downloads are already making the rounds of the web), but wait a while and the _na version will be released soon. However, to our Singaporean and Romanian readers, get downloading! The game is available for legal download on the Play Store for us, and aside from the locked content, there are no other restrictions. So what are you waiting for? Real Madrid is not winning any trophies without you!

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