Watch Apple’s iPhone Event Here!

It has been 11 days since Apple’s September 10 iPhone event, where Apple unveiled the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s, and just a few days since iOS 7 was released to the public (iOS 7 review here, and whether you should update here). We have already done comparisons between the new iPhones and other high end phones (Part 1 Here), and yet, that is not all Apple is about. Apple makes great products, but it also has great presentations, and so for those who have not watched it yet, and are interested to, we have embedded their iPhone unveiling event, in 720p HD, here.

Part of Apple’s magic has always been in how it presents itself and its products, so do watch it if you haven’t. I promise, you will feel the magic of Apple too.



Unless you are a die-hard Android fanatic and hater of all things Apple. If so, for the love of all that is good, steer clear of this, I beg you.

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