LG Nexus 5 specs spotted on GFXBenchmarks website, confirms full HD screen and more

The Nexus 5 is sure to be a holiday hit, even as the competition heats up, with the likes of Sony, LG and Samsung releasing their premium models to ensure their dominance. All three of these manufacturers have decided to use Qualcomm’s latest system-on-chip, the Snapdragon S800. Sony and Samsung has decided to clock their processor at 2.2 and 2.3 GHz respectively, while LG looks to follow with their G2 and clock the Nexus 5’s processor at the same speed, 2.26 GHz, as their G2. Just like their own G2, Sony’s Xperia Z1, and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, the Nexus 5 also shares a full HD screen, which LG has decided to presumably spread over 5 inches. These specs were spotted on the benchmarking website GFXBench just yesterday, and more information can be seen below.


The Nexus 5 is listed to have “Key Lime Pie” as it’s Android version, but this was probably before Google decided to change the name of Android 4.4 to KitKat. Again, this reaffirms the Nexus line’s status as being the first to receive the newest Android versions. It is also to be noted that while the screen size is listed as 1794 x 1080 pixels, the screen is still full HD. The remaining 126 pixels are taken up by the on-screen buttons, which disappear when watching movies or image slideshows.

As seen in our previous post, an FCC employee has also leaked images of the Nexus 5, so do have a visit there to check them out.

The Nexus 5 is also rumoured to have a 2300 mAh battery, as FCC filings have put it, but one should not be disheartened by the number. The LG G2, which sports a monstrous 3000 mAh battery was originally filed as 2700 mAh by the FCC. This is because manufacturers only send their devices to the FCC for communications testing, and so provide lower spec-ed models in order to save costs. What this means for the Nexus 5 is that we will probably see a battery from anywhere to 2300 mAh to 2700 mAh, or even beyond that. For now, all that can be done is to speculate. What do you think about the Nexus 5? Will it’s $299 pricing and flagship level specs convince you to make it your next phone? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and like us on our Facebook page, and follow our Twitter to receive updates from us on the go!

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