Nokia sets event for Oct 22, Lumia 1520 inbound

Nokia has just set the date for a 22 Oct event. They teased this on their twitter account, promising “#innovationreinvented”. So what exactly can we expect from Nokia? Click in to find out more.

First, the Lumia 1520 aka Bandit phablet. The device is rumored to pack a 6″ screen of 1080p resolution, both of which are firsts for the Windows Phone platform. Currently, such screen sizes and resolution are not supported, which means that the 1520 will ship with the brand new GDR3 (general distribution release 3) with Nokia’s own Bittersweet shimmer software (the upgraded version of Amber).

In previous leaks, the software upgrade apparently allows users to (finally) close apps on the multitasking menu (gasp).

Perhaps Nokia will throw in a Windows 8.1 RT tablet as well. Who knows?

It’s great to see that the company isn’t resting on its laurels after the Microsoft acquisition. The 1520, if launched, will be the first device that Nokia has made since it became a part of Microsoft.

Exciting times ahead.

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