Should I Update To iOS 7?

With iOS 7 due for launch in a matter of days, there are some of us wondering if it is worth upgrading to, and some of us wondering how long a jailbreak would take to be released for it. In my opinion, stay on iOS 6 if you are a heavy tweak user, but upgrade if you don’t need those jailbreak tweaks that much. Read on to find out more…

iPhone 4 users, while your phones are compatible, I highly advise you not to update, unless you don’t care about 1. Jailbreaking 2. Very likely lag. Why jailbreaking? Because tweaks always slow your device down, and iOS 7 plus jailbreak on a device already being discontinued, will really make it super slow. Stick with iOS 6, or upgrade now to iOS 6 if you aren’t already on it. Because in a few days, iOS 6 will not be signed by Apple anymore.

The iPhone 4s, at least, has 7X the GPU as the 4, so it will be able to cope, at least partially, with the graphics processing power required by the dynamic iOS 7. So do upgrade, but be warned: There have been reports of lower battery life on the 4s.

Of course, the iPhone 5 should be upgraded to iOS 7. In fact, it benefits the most from it, and I as an iPhone 5 user, feel that there are no problems with battery life on it.

To jailbreakers, however, there are certain cases to consider. Firstly, if you are on iOS 6, and have jailbroken, and cannot survive without your tweaks, such as quick reply for messaging (why Apple hasn’t included this as a native feature is a wonder to me) or the ability to choose your quick toggles, you may want to hold off on upgrading till the Evad3rs release their iOS 7 jailbreak (which is looking possible, and they have already started work on it). I suspect the jailbreak should be ready latest by March next year. That’s about 6 months from now. Whew, pretty long, I know.

But if you are rocking a jailbroken iOS 6 device and only use a few tweaks, and are game for ditching them to sport the latest and greatest iOS, then by all means, upgrade. Just know that there is no going back. But also know that iOS 7 has tons of new code, and is vastly more different from iOS 6 than iOS 6 was different from iOS 5. And when there is much new code, it means more vulnerabilities, which means that an iOS 7 jailbreak may come sooner than expected.

To those with jailbroken iOS 5 devices, namely the iPhone 4/4s, you can stay with iOS 5 forever, or risk lag on iOS 7, or update to iOS 6.1.3 now (which is not jailbreakable yet) and take the leap of faith that winocm will release a tool to jailbreak it in a while. Unthreadedjb is completely legit, but it’s still being developed right now. I recommend staying on iOS 5 if you are happy. There is no reason to update to iOS 6 and have even more lag issues, and besides, don’t trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Don’t fix what’s not broken. But of course, your phone won’t be able to update many apps shortly, because iOS 5 will be phased out completely, and likely very soon.

And to those with jailbroken iOS 4 devices such as the iPhone 4, you really should update to iOS 6 now lest you be unable to use any new apps. That is, if you don’t already have this problem of less support in apps for iOS 4. You can always jailbreak it semi-untethered due to the bootrom exploit on the iPhone 4, which jailbreaks it forever (but not on iOS 7 yet, for some unknown reason).

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