Surface 2 to be announced on 23 September in New York

Microsoft has begun firing out invitations for an event which is to be held in New York City on September 23rd. The media have been invited to what we expect to be the unveiling of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets, running Windows RT and Windows 8.1 respectively.

We’ve got some bad news for those who are looking for something slightly smaller as sources familiar with company plans have confirmed with The Verge that Microsoft will not be launching the rumoured “Surface mini.” So what can we all look to expect from the event?

It’s believed both tablets will retain a similar design to existing models, but Redmond will look to upgrade the Surface Pro 2 to sport Intel’s new Haswell processor chips. These new processors are said to provide an extra 2 hours of battery. For those who enjoy multitasking and running intensive applications while on the move, it’s said units with 8GB of RAM will be available.

As for the Surface 2, Microsoft is sticking with Windows RT 8.1, though the “RT” will be removed from the actual product. Being bumped to a 1080p display, owners will have some magic to work with thanks to the Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. Oh, and there’s a two-stage kickstand too. We expect both tablets to be revealed at the event on September 23rd, along with some accessories and a new Power Cover.

Some cracking internal upgrades are on the table. We’ll look to be on the floor as the show kicks off, so remain tuned to our feeds on Facebook and Twitter.via: wpcentral source: The Verge

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