Apple’s September 10 iPhone Event Nears…

There is just slightly more than a day to Apple’s September 10 iPhone Event, where Apple is expected to unveil not one, but two new iPhones, the rumoured “budget” iPhone 5C, and the standard “S” upgrade where we are expecting to see a new fingerprint sensor. Read on to find out more…

Like in previous years, we expect to see minimal hardware changes to the iPhone 5S, while there are indeed many more software changes with the overhaul of the existing, and outdated, UI in iOS 6. A quick recap, the 3GS offered video-taking capabilities (Apple has certainly come a long way since then, huh?) and multiple speed improvements (where the S unofficially stands for Speed), the 4S offered Siri and other software upgrades (where the S unofficially stands for Siri, and by some, Steve, as Steve Jobs died that year), and right now, we expect the S in 5S to stand for Security, what with the fingerprint sensor.

There is not too much point in restating the existing rumours, but we do hope that Apple considers including Quick Reply, a feature wanted by numerous people worldwide for years, for messaging, to allow, well, quick replies to incoming messages. However it is unlikely this late in the iOS 7 Beta cycle, so I personally, am keeping my fingers crossed for the geniuses @planetbeing and @p0sixninja of Twitter to jailbreak iOS 7.

For those in Singapore (GMT+8), you would have to stay awake at one hour past midnight on Wednesday morning to be the first to learn of Apple’s new products. The timing of the event is 10 am in the morning on Tuesday, PST (typically GMT-8, but now GMT-7 due to Daylight Saving Time).

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