HTC Singapore teases the One mini: Coming VERY SOON

Update (26 Aug 2013): HTC Singapore has just officially confirmed the availability of the HTC One mini in Singapore through Facebook.

We covered the announcement of the HTC One mini several months ago, claiming that it would be available by September. And now we have official confirmation that the One mini will be coming to Singapore. And it will be coming very soon.

HTC Singapore has just teased on Facebook an image of two HTC phones side by side. Some observant Facebook users noticed the slight difference between the two, in terms of the position of the flash. While the people there didn’t really know what this meant, we know a One mini when we see one. And that’s DEFINITELY the One mini. Well, almost definitely.

So what does this mean? It certainly means that the One mini will be available in stores very soon. We’re guessing you can get yours in a couple of weeks. If you want to find out more about the specs of the device, you can check out our post regarding the announcement by clicking on the link above. So keep a lookout on Twenty First Tech. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, and we’ll inform you the moment it comes out.

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