iOS 7 May Be Released Really Soon, GM On 5th September

iOS 7 Beta 6 has just been released recently, bring several small updates. As the size of the updates go down (this was just a 13MB upgrade from iOS 7 Beta 5) and the changelog gets smaller, we are expecting iOS 7 to be in its final beta stages before being pushed out to the masses. Read on to find out more…

According to BGR, “Apple will be seeding a GM (gold master) version for its employees and partners to test starting around September 5th. This will mostly likely be the software that is released to the public later on in the month of September, barring any major bugs or problems that might be discovered.” I honestly can’t wait, can you?

And a question that is likely on everyone’s mind, “Can it be jailbroken? Will it ever be able to be jailbroken?” Of course, I would not know if it will ever be able to, but hacker Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) is reportedly working on it, and if things go smoothly, the iOS 7 jailbreak may just be released between March to July 2014, fingers crossed. For now, don’t trust any site that purports to have an iOS 7 jailbreak, because at this point in time, there is no such thing yet. Stay tuned for updates and do like us Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

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