Moto X officially announced, disappoints many

The Moto X was unveiled in New York City last night. Motorola’s highly-anticipated new flagship device has undergone many leaks in the past few months, and many cannot help but feel that the announcement of the device yesterday has been a huge disappointment. Why is this so? Continue reading to find out…

Don’t get me wrong; the Moto X is a beautiful device, with very decent specs, but somehow Google and Motorola just didn’t get it quite right. And it remains to be seen whether this device will sell. The announced specs of the device are spot on with the leaks that we’ve received. You can check out the details of the leaked specs in our previous post here. It seems that the only additional specs are a “ClearPixel camera”, a thickness ranging from 5.6mm to 10.4mm due to its curved back, Motorola’s own X8 chipset on board (that’s 1.7Ghz dual core with an additional natural language processor and contextual computing processor).
Other stuff include an AMOLED screen and a 2200mAh battery. Oh, and it uses Nano SIM.

One source of disappointment: the Moto X will be loaded with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Sorry folks, it’s not rocking 4.3. But this isnt a major issue, especially since few can even tell the difference between 4.1 and 4.3.

The Moto X will be available in all these colours, only for AT&T
The Moto X will be available in all these colours, only for AT&T

The major source of disappointment here is that although the device has been dubbed the most customisable phone on earth, rather ironically, that level of customisation is limited to AT&T users in the US. Don’t even think about the international release; it seems even people in the States feel rather limited when getting their Moto X. Looks like everyone else has to settle for good ‘ol Black and White. Too bad for those of us who wanted a phone with a wooden back.

The price was a huge letdown. Many people thought that the device would be priced to rival the Nexus 4, which starts from US$299 without contract, but the Moto X will be selling for $199 on a 2 year plan. Sure, the phone’s got pretty colours and some neat voice features, but Motorola doesn’t seem to be able to afford asking for such a high price, especially because there are tons of other flagships out there which are more (or just as) powerful and going for less cash (Ahem. Nexus 4)

The conclusion? The Moto X is amazing, and I’d really would like to get one. But it seems that the unreasonable pricing, lack of customisation outside of AT&T, plus the fact that there is NO WORD ON INTERNATIONAL AVAILABILITY, leads me to think that I probably wouldn’t get this device, because it probably will never hit Singapore shores.

And even if it does, the price just isn’t worth it.

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