Apple releases iOS 7 beta 4: this is what’s new

Firstly, we would like to apologize for being so late in publishing this article, we were busy over the last few days. That said, Apple released iOS 7 Beta 4 exactly when we had predicted it to, on Monday the 29th at 10 am PST. iDownloadBlog has posted an article detailing what’s new, and we have posted it here for your convenience. Read past the fold for more.

The previous beta brought about a number of UI tweaks and changes in apps like Music, Mail, Weather and the Notification Center. There were also several performance improvements made, making the firmware faster and more reliable than previous releases.

The fourth beta is available for compatible iPhones, iPads and iPod touch models. We’re currently installing it ourselves, and will be reporting back with any new stuff we find. So make sure you keep checking back with this post throughout the day for changes.

And as always, we welcome you to let us know if we missed anything by e-mailing us at [email protected]

Today’s iOS 7.0 beta 4 (11A4435d) released to developers expires on Thursday, Sepember 12, 2013 @ 12AM (GMT). #TheMoreYouKnow

— iH8sn0w (@iH8sn0w) July 29, 2013

What’s new in iOS 7 beta 4

As we continue to dig through the new information in iOS 7 beta 4, we’ll be listing any major changes we find below:

  • Lock screen UI tweaked, no longer has confusing up arrow

  • Call button in phone app, Answer/Decline buttons refreshed

  • Animations are noticeably faster

  • Minor changes to Spotlight UI

  • New ‘Completed Uploads’ option in Notification Center

  • In Messages, it now only shows the first letter of the last name of the person you’re chatting with

  • HDR On/Off button relocated in Camera app

  • You can now swipe between Today-All-Missed views in Notification Center

  • New AirPlay icons

  • Shuffle All Songs option is back in Music app

  • New search bar in Reminders app

  • Improved navigation in Settings app

  • Apple now asks if you want to “Help Improve Maps” when you first launch Maps app

  • New “Improve Maps” opt-in program in Privacy section of Settings

  • Tweaked icons

  • Saved Passwords for Safari now ask you want to setup an on-device password

  • Pin in Maps app now shows estimated driving time to location

  • New ‘Dial Assist’ feature in Phone app

  • Filters now available in Camera app for iPhone 4S

  • New Q&A section in Siri’s info sheet

  • New iPad resolution toggle when running iPhone apps

  • Minor changes to Newsstand UI

  • Minor UI tweaks to system keyboard

  • Redesigned Bookmarks, Reading List and Shared Links icons in Safari app

  • New ‘Play Explicit Tracks’ option in iTunes Radio

  • New ‘Siri has a new voice’ notification

  • You can now choose a Sound and Vibration Pattern for AirDrop alerts

  • New Frequent Locations options in Settings > Privacy > System Services > Frequent Locations

  • New Control Center grabber and UI when swiping up while watching a video

  • You can now swipe down in Siri to see previous activity, even after exiting and reopening

Do note that iOS 7 Beta 4 is available as an OTA download and install for everyone who has the previous betas installed on their phones already, even those who have a not very legit install without their UDID registered.

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